Recycling bins available in various sizes and colours

  • Recycling bin sizes

                 1_piece_red_angled   The Small Recycling box holds 2/3 of a refuse bag. The dimensions of the box are 34cm x 34cm and the box is 40cm high. These boxes can be stacked on top of each other, up to 4 high

    Large - Yellow - GlassThe large Recycling box holds a full refuse bag and is 80cm high with a width and depth of 34cm

    These bins are all collapsible to reduce the carbon footprint of transport (we don’t transport air!)

    The large and small recycling boxes are also washable


    Drop box - paper - deep etchThe Recycling Drop box holds a full refuse bag. Its dimensions are 73cm high, 33cm wide and 25cm deep

    Inner bags tuck neatly under the lid of the bin which holds them firmly in place


    Side viewThe Recycling Desk Box is a neat under desk bin that facilitates seperation of paper from other mixed recycling. Its dimensions are 46cm wide, 33cm deep and 43 cm high

    The Recycling Box is made in South Africa by developing communities promoting  employment opportunities.

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