Buy Recycled

The below companies include recycled content in their products, please support them!

Baroka Basadi - Logo (2)


The items are manufactured by a South African community project, Baroka Basadi, meaning ‘sewing ladies’.They manufacture products for the promotional, conferencing and hospitality industry out of recovered waste materials.

IMG_4613 (2)Backpack sling bag comboIPAD - Billboard





shwe logos B




Shwe manufactures bags and accesories from recovered waste materials and hand printed Shwe Shwe.

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Make-up bag

Cape Union Mart

A number of items from Cape Union Marts Kway range are made from partly recycled materials. For your closest store go to

fleece polosleeping bag



All Tuffy bags are made from 100% recycld plastic Tuffy bags are available at most major retailers including Pick n Pay, Makro and  Spar

tuffy bags


timber plastics

Timberplastics makes wood substitutes out of 100% recycled plastic. Their range includes jungle gyms, benches, building materials, bins and a number of other household items to find your closest timberplastics agent go to

ottomanjungle gym



Typek green paper is available at Makro  and Waltons, it looks exactly like normal white office paper and is only slightly more expensive

sappi paper