About The Recycling Box

Recycling circleStarted by Lise Kuhle in 2010, the priority of this project is to create good looking recycling products by creating employment opportunities through the production of the boxes and to also increase  the collections of recycled products from drop off centres.

IMG_0102 (2)We wanted to make a recycling bin out of 100% recycled material, to increase the demand for recycled products and to show people what can be done with recycled items. We are still trying to get this right! but for now our bins are 100% recyclable!Recycling ProcessMaking the Recycling Box was only the first part of the journey, as we quickly realized that finding a reliable drop off centre for recyclables is not that easy. Some we visited  don’t  take all recyclables, some were overflowing and dirty, some  no longer exist. We worked with www.mywaste.co.za to try and solve these problems and we have all come along way towards achieving this.PETco HandoverLise Kuhle receiving a donation of sewing machines from Belinda Booker of PETco

We partnered with the SA recycling bodies who have been incredibly supportive of our endeavours and have even funded the equipment we use to produce The Recycling box! Special mention to PETco, SAVA and SA Plastics!Lise Kuhle Elisha FunekaThis project is about doing something – something together, something that makes a difference!bongi P.S. this is Bongi! Bongi makes sure that our community project learns about nutrition and eats healthy nutritious meals every day!

Please contact us with any ideas, comments or suggestions; we look forward to receiving them and to keeping you posted!