The Recycling Drop Box is a space, cost and eco-efficient recycling bin for office use (not outside friendly!)

The Recycling drop box comes in 5 colours: Turquoise, Green, Red, Yellow and black. The boxes flat pack for easy transport.

All recycle bins 2

Choose your colour AND choose your label

Most recycling bins come with a standard colours for recyclables

Should you not want to colour code your bins to the national SA recycling colours we can provide you with the below labels for any of the colours we supply.

Labels you can choose from are: Paper, Plastic, Tin, Glass, Mixed and Other

Black Glass Black Paper Black TinBlack PlasticBlack otherBin mixed

The standard SA recycling colours are as follows:

Blue/Turquoise – Paper                                       Green – Glass

Yellow – Plastic                                                      Red – Tin/Cans

Bin Lid 2




The Recycling drop box has a snug lid which holds an inner bag. The box is designed to hold a standard refuse bag

 IMG_7344  IMG_7345

Dimensions of the Boxes are: 730mm high, 270mm width or depth, 330mm width or depth. Note: we can put the labels on the front or the sides of the bin to face forward, depending on the size of your space.  

    Black glass angle   Rid bin   GYB bins

For any information about our recycling bins, contact Lise at lise.kuhle@ecosmartgroup.co.za.